Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Juridical and Legal Study of Stocks lease    M.Sc.    -, -    2018-03-06
2    Moral Rights in literary and artistic properties in Iranian & Iraqi law    M.Sc.    ALIMARI, ABDULADHEEM MIRI MOHAMMED    2018-02-13
3    A comparative study of fulfilling the obligation in charge of promiser in Iranian and Iraqi law    M.Sc.    Siraj, Musadaq    2018-02-13
4    Leasing Contract with Ownership Requirement in Iranian and Iraqi law    M.Sc.    ALOBAIDI, GHAZWAN SALEH MOHAMMED    2018-02-13
5    Protecting Civil for Copyright's Material Rights (comparative study of Iranian and Iraqi law).    M.Sc.    AL-SALIHI, SABEEH MANADI OUDAH    2018-01-02
6    Disturbing Terms of Contractual Equilibrium in Iran and Iraqi Law    M.Sc.    Jawad, Hawraa Azeez Kareem    2017-09-26
7    The Right of Publicity with Emphasis on the Law of United States of America and Iran    M.Sc.    benasbordi, masoomeh    2017-06-20
8    A Compartive Study of Tort Liability Caused by Artificial Intelligence in the Iranian Legal System and Common Law    M.Sc.    Malek zadeh, Sara    2017-06-20
9    Freelance of Artistic and Literary Work Contract    M.Sc.    beheshti, fateme    2017-06-20
10    Rescission of Contract Result of Contractual Obligations Breach in Iranian and Iraq Law    M.Sc.    Jebur, Ali Khairi    2017-05-30
11    Performance of obligation in Commercial instruments in Iranian Law, Iraqi Law and Geneva Convention (۱۹۳۰)    M.Sc.    AL khafaji, Faisal    2017-05-30
12    Civil Liability of the State arising from terrorist operations in Iraqi law and Iranian law    M.Sc.    AL-saedi, waleed    2017-05-09
13    Comparative Study of the Rules Govern on Land Transportation Dangerous Goods in Iranian Law and International Regulations    M.Sc.    Yousefi, seyyedeh Farzaneh    2017-05-09
14    The dissolving or avoidance term of the contract in case of non- performance of commitment with emphasis on jurisprudence    M.Sc.    tahami, seid hossin    2017-03-01
15    The seller's obligations in the delivery of sales of Iran and Iraq law and international convention for the international sale 1980    M.Sc.    Alkaittan, Saddam Abdulhussein    2017-01-03
16    Contract responsibility for the contractor and architectural engineer( study of application in the Iran law and Iraq)    M.Sc.    Alrabea, Muntadher    2016-12-13
17    Dissolution of building presale contract with an approach to building presale law (enacted in 1389)    M.Sc.    Mehrabi, Vali Allah    2016-12-13
18    Minority Rights in non – Stock Commercial Corporations    M.Sc.    mojarrad, mohamadreza    2016-11-19
19    marriage and its solution in resulting in disease to death    M.Sc.    arabzoozani, malihe    2016-10-18
20    The Legal Conditions and Effects of Network Marketing    M.Sc.    BAHMAN, ABDOLKARIM    2016-07-12
21    The Theory of Subordination in Commercial Law    M.Sc.    goljamal, saeideh    2016-04-26
22    The Expediency in Vaghf Contract    M.Sc.    Mallak, MohammadMahdi    2016-03-01
23    The Right and Obligations of Owners (Apartments)in Shares    M.Sc.    mohamady, gholam hasan    2016-02-20
24    The Analysis of Legal Relations between Shafi and Buyer in Obscurity and Silence of Legislator    M.Sc.    honarbakhsh, mohammadmahdi    2016-02-09
25    The General Theory of Non-opposability in Commercial Law    M.Sc.    Robati, Mahsa    2015-12-22
26    nonfinancial effects guardian and adopted child    M.Sc.    batooei, maryam    2015-12-01
27    The Nature of the Taghdimi Right (in Vaghf) and its Rules    M.Sc.    naseri, mehri    2015-02-03
28    Legal and Fiqh Study on Removal of Organ from the Cadaver and the Brain Dead Person for the Biological Research.    M.Sc.    Mousavi taghi abadi, Sayyed Jamaloddin    2015-02-03
29    The Clauses in the Mortgage Contract.    M.Sc.    safavi shamloo, hossein    2015-02-03
30    The Protection of Third Parties in Commercial Corporations    M.Sc.    khoshhamdam, mohammad kazem    2015-01-13
31    Civil responsibility arising from advertising    M.Sc.    jahangard, mostafa    2014-12-30
32    The Role of Formalities in the Protection of Intellectual Properties    M.Sc.    farsi, delaram    2014-12-30
33    Exclusion and Limitation of Liability for Carriers of Goods In Iranian Law and International Conventions    M.Sc.    Keyhani, Samira    2014-12-30
34    expropriation and the rules applied to it with a view of precedent    M.Sc.    kamalzadeh, mohammad ali    2014-09-23
35    the civil liability of the article 66 of social act    M.Sc.    khayatzadeh, meysam    2014-05-05
36    the role of intention in unilateral acts    M.Sc.    afsarian mohassel, reihaneh    2014-04-27
37    legal study of a creditors rights against a debtor.    M.Sc.    Moradi, Fatemeh    2014-03-11
38    A comparison between the conversion of obligation and Assignation of Obligation in Iranian law and Imami Jurisprudence    M.Sc.    ahmadmiri, seyedali    2014-03-11
39    The Right of Lien in Marriage with Emphasising on its Effects and Conditions in Judicial Precedent    M.Sc.    sarabandi, soheyla    2014-03-04
40    The Basis of Doctor‘s Civil Liability and the State of Liability Exclusion Clause in Islamic Criminal Act 1392    M.Sc.    KERMANI, KHADIJEH    2014-03-04
41    The study of debt purchace and its effects in law and shiit fiqh.    M.Sc.    owsat ahmadi, kamran    2014-02-03
42    waiver of right in the field of family law    M.Sc.    hadadi, maryam    2014-01-29
43    childrens rights in family by education approach    M.Sc.    soleimani, fateme    2014-01-29
44    a comparative study of wife and relatives maintenance in iranian and english legal systems    M.Sc.    yazdanian, moosalreza    2014-01-12
45    Special Rules of Artistic and Literary Joint Works in Iranian Law and U.S Law    M.Sc.    nahavandi, elnaz    2014-01-11
46    the obligation of returning the price and damages in the void sale    M.Sc.    farkhan, ali    2014-01-08
47    the study of the evolutions of the wifes legal rights after islamic revolution in iran    M.Sc.    jahandeh, fatemeh    2014-01-05
48    The Analysis of The Legal Nature and Governing Rules of Knowledge-Based Firms and Institutes    M.Sc.    tanha pirzadeh, bahareh    2013-12-30
49    Explanation of Commercial Representation with an approach to the 1390 Commercial Bill    M.Sc.    hasani darmiyan, samaneh    2013-12-29
50    The Legal study of the ethical obligations doctor to tell the truth, promising and secrecy    M.Sc.    zahra, shahidi    2013-12-10
51    The Study of Protection Act of The Children and Infants without Guardian or with Bad Guardian Approved 1392    M.Sc.    kazemi moghadam, tahereh    2013-12-09
52    the study of the procedures and judgment enfprcement in family support act of 1391/12/1    M.Sc.    naghib zadeh, parvaneh    2013-12-09
53    Wife's Divorce Request in the Situation of Hardship and Lack of Maintenance with Judicial Approch    M.Sc.    ayati, tayebeh    2013-11-04
54    The Sanction of Breach of Contractual Obligations to Detriment of Third Parties    M.Sc.    fotohirad, reza    2013-11-03
55    Warranty obligations Brhsn courting couples about family foundations Vtshyyd    M.Sc.    safaei, nayereh    2013-10-01
56    the Sanction of the Breach of the Contractual Omission Obligations (Comparative Study Between Iran & Afghanistan΄s Civil Law)    M.Sc.    hazara, alireza    2013-09-30
57    the legal regime of expropriation of lands that have been located in the public and constructional plans (with a particular approach to the old urban areas)    M.Sc.    entezar yazdi, hasanreza    2013-09-26
58    Good standing of the legal action of representative according to the Shiite jurisprudence and law in Iran;    Ph.D    Shahabi, Roghieh    2013-06-12
59    The Powers and Liability of the Manegers of the Commercial companies with Approach toward Trade Bill 1390    M.Sc.    Mohseni Rad, Mohammad    2013-06-11
60    legal analysis of contract of producing cinema production    M.Sc.    nemati, elnaz    2013-05-19
61    the role of the sovereign and administrator in the management of the endowment    M.Sc.    bayat, seyyedmajid    2013-04-29
62    The rules governing mission contracts and scholarship    M.Sc.    lashkari, fatemeh    2013-04-27
63    Obstacles of Restitution lended property and its provisions    M.Sc.    nadalinia, iman    2013-02-26
64    Role of the Interests in Representing    M.Sc.    nejati toroghi, nasrin    2013-02-26
65    Civil Liability arisen of Parents Duties in Favor of Children    M.Sc.    seaidi, amir    2013-02-26
66    Industrial design rights and special rules of related contracts (in Iran and the Europe Union law).    M.Sc.    مدنیان, نجمه السادات    2013-02-26
67    the simultaneous application of the rescision and compensation in the contract.    M.Sc.    dehghanian, elnaz    2012-12-25
68    Subordination of condition from contract and it’s exclusions from legal jurisprudence poin of view    M.Sc.    vahabzadehmousavi, kimiaalsadat    2012-12-18
69    Grounds grounds for Challenge to an Arbitrator and the Termination of his/her Mandate in International Commercial Arbitration    M.Sc.    vahed, shaghaiegh    2012-12-11
70    The Rule of Privacy and Confidentiality of Arbitration    M.Sc.    khodadadi, abdolhamid    2012-12-04
71    Unfair competition (comparative study in law of Iran and France)    M.Sc.    masanani, malihe    2012-11-13
72    the govering rules of onjoing cantracts    M.Sc.    delavary, amir    2012-11-13
73    dissolution of the irrevocable contracts theory    M.Sc.    khayat mashhady, fahimeh    2012-11-13
74    Civil liability of the ambiguous cause : a new approaches in criminal law    M.Sc.    ghorbanh dar mian bam, morteza    2012-05-21
75    the stady of formal contracts(nature,instances,orders)    M.Sc.    mahmoodi, zahra    2012-04-17
76    exceptions to the protection of the auther’ s material rights in the literary and artistic works    M.Sc.    GHASEMI, HABIBEH    2012-03-06
77    Protection of industrial designs (Conditions and performance guarantees) in Iran and the Europe Union Rights    M.Sc.    ebrahimniya, saeideh    2012-03-06
78    Special rules literary and artistic rights conventions    M.Sc.    abtahi, fatemeh    2012-02-21
79    Civil Liability of the Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights with Comparative Study.    M.Sc.    taghavimandi, fahime    2012-01-05
80    The general theory of the separation of a contract into two or more contracts    M.Sc.    arefinia, ahmad    2011-05-24
81    in Islamic law Not using the right for getting something    Ph.D    mohebbalrahmann, ali    2008-06-24
82    Eestablishing right for nonexistent    M.Sc.    ghasemi, abdollah    0000-00-00